Center for advanced training

Centre of advanced training (CTOP) in the Murmansk region is planned to create a structural unit GUAPO MO "Murmansk building College of a name of N. E. Momot", designed to coordinate the development and use of resources of educational institutions and key employers of the Murmansk region for the purposes of staffing of economy and social sphere of the region.


Directions CTOP


Monitoring uptake

Coordination of the implementation and
implementation in the region
educational programs*

orientation of students, training
their first profession

Refresher training
teachers and trainers

* Including vocational education, training, retraining and advanced training of citizens on the most demanded professions in the interests of the real sector of the economy.

In order to provide informational support for CTOP planned implementation of the digital platform (CPU) in the information-telecommunication network "Internet". The CPU will be posted and kept up to date database resource, logistical, information and communication, personnel, teaching resources, a database of educational programmes for advanced professional training.
Investment will be required primarily at the stage of acquisition, installation and implementation of CPUs, as the cost of the CPU incorporated in the amount of the project in full, as well as on the functioning of the CTOP after it is created. It is planned that the preparatory phase of the establishment of CTOP will begin in the second half of 2020.


Possible measures of support for potential investors

  • Murmansk oblast is the winner of competitive selection of Ministry of education of Russia on provision of subsidies from the Federal budget to the regional budget on the creation of CTOP in 2022 under the national project "Education". The size of the Federal grants – about 48 million rubles, co-financing from region – more than 3 million rubles, co-financing from extrabudgetary funds GUAPO MO "Murmansk building College of a name of N. E. Momot" – 1 million roubles.
  • Investors may qualify for preferences related to the education on the basis of CTOP its personnel on demand short-term educational programs.