Investment commissioners help investors solve problems related to the implementation of projects. Investment commissioners have been operating since March 18, 2021 in accordance with the Regulation "On Investment Commissioners of the Murmansk Region".

Murmansk Region Development Corporation evaluates the activity of investment commissioners on a monthly basis. You can share your experience with an investment commissioner through the direct complaint line.





                    Ministry of Property Relations of the Murmansk Region                    
ViktoriIa Minkina


(8152) 486-960                    

                    Ministry of Transport and Road Facilities of the Murmansk Region                    
Julia Poliektova


(8152) 486-835                    

                    Ministry of Energy and Housing Management and Utilities of the Murmansk Region                    
Irina Ochkinadze

                    Deputy Minister                    

(8152) 486-742                    

                    Ministry of Construction of the Murmansk Region                    
Aleksei Grachikov



(8152) 487-857                    

                    Ministry of Urban Planning of the Murmansk region                    
Mariia Gavrilova

                    Minister - Deputy Governor                    

(8152) 487-848                    

                    Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Fishery of the Murmansk Region                    

Zinaida Sereda                    


(8152) 486-851                    

Ministry of Digital Development of the Murmansk Region      
the candidacy is under approval due to personnel changes,
(8152) 486-250
Committee on Tourism of the Murmansk region

Aleksandr Eliseev

Chairman of the Committee,
(8152) 486-686

Committee on Tariff Regulation of the Murmansk Region

Elena Stukova  

Chairman of the Committee,
(8152) 487-800

Administration of the city of Murmansk

Rufat Siniakaev

Deputy Head of Administration,
(81524) 55-871

Administration of the city of Kirovsk

Konstantin Leonov

Deputy Head of Administration
(81531) 98-700

Apatity City Administration

Liubov Savina

First Deputy Head of Administration,
(81555) 60-612, (81555) 60-225

Administration of the city of Monchegorsk
Tatyana Ilyina

Deputy Head of Administration,
(81536) 50-002

Administration of the city of Olenegorsk

Dmitry Postnik

Deputy Head of Administration
(81552) 58-056

Administration of the city of Polyarnie Zori

Igor Girinovich

Deputy Head of Administration,
(81532) 75-002

Administration of
Closed Administrative-territorial formations Alexandrovsk

Vladimir Kuznetsov

Deputy Head of Administration,
(81530) 61-790

Closed Administrative-territorial formations Vidyaevo
Olesya Grebneva

Deputy Head of Administration

(81553) 56-687

Closed Administrative-territorial formations Ostrovnoy

 Olga Oginova

Head of Administration,
(81558) 50-015

Administration of
Closed Administrative-territorial formations Severomorsk
Natalia Zozulya Deputy Head of Administration

(81537) 47-740

Administration of 
Closed Administrative-territorial formations Zaozersk

Arseniy Filippov

Deputy Head of Administration,
(81556) 31-502

Administration of the Kola district

Aleksandr Likholat

Head of the Kola district
(81553) 33-357

Kovdor District Administration

Sergei Somov

Head of Kovdorsky district,
(81535) 50-242, ext. 200

Administration of the Kandalaksha district

Sergey Fedotov

Deputy Head of Administration,
(81533) 93-513

Lovozersky district Administration
Natalia Bezyk Deputy Head of Administration

(81538) 41 271, +7(921) 286-14-96

Pechenga District Administration

Marina Akhmetova

Deputy Head
(81554) 63-186

Administration of the Tersky district

Marina Bychkova

Deputy Head of Administration -

Head of the Economic Department
(81559) 51-379