The development of promising deposits of solid minerals

Murmansk oblast is one of the most developed mining regions of Russia. In the Kola Peninsula there are large deposits of chemical, copper-Nickel, iron ore, precious and rare metals and rare earth elements. Significant reserves of nonmetallic raw materials – vermiculite, phlogopite, Muscovite, pegmatite, amazonite, fluorite and others. The Kola land is rich in chrome, Titan, raw materials for production of construction materials and refractories, facing stone, semiprecious and ornamental stones.

Reserves of most mineral resources on the Kola land have nationwide, and Apatite nepheline, gianiculum ores, rare metals and global significance. Exploration and development of mineral resources of the Kola Peninsula led to the creation of a powerful mining complex, which includes the enterprises of mining and chemical industry, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, the building materials industry specializing in the extraction and primary processing of raw materials to semifinished products (mineral concentrates).

Kola mining complex has major economic and social importance for the Murmansk region and plays a significant role in the economy of the North-West and Russia as a whole, integrated into the world economy. That is why the Government of the region as one of its main tasks is ensuring of the sustainable operation and effective development of the mining industry in the long term.




A list of promising deposits of solid minerals

The Kola district

  • Gremyaha-Vyrmes, gremyaha plot (titanium, phosphorus, iron)
  • Southeast gremyacha (titanium, total iron, magnetite iron, vanadium)
  • Pustaka (graphite)

Lovozersky district

  • Lovozero (niobium, tantalum, rare earth metals, titanium, strontium, fluorine, phosphorous)
  • Kieva (gold, copper, Nickel, platinum and platinum group metals)
  • Pellapahk (molybdenum, copper, gold, silver)
  • Oleninskaya (gold, silver)
  • Saharic (rare earth metals)
  • Prostodushie (lithium, niobium, tantalum, beryllium)
  • Tiva (section North-1) (quartz vein)

The Kovdor district

  • Otradnoye (pegmatite, feldspar)

Pechenga district

  • Auriche (molybdenum)
  • Saucer (Nickel, copper)
  • North Onki (Nickel)

The Kandalaksha district

  • The neska-var (niobium, phosphorus, tantalum)
  • Sallanlatva (niobium)
  • Of vuoriyarvi (phlogopite, vermiculite)


  • Absensce (olivinic, refractory materials)
  • Absensce (breccia)
  • Afrikanda (vermiculite)


  • Kuelpor (phosphorus)
  • The eveslogchorr (phosphorus, niobium, rare earths, strontium, tantalum, fluorine)


  • Septuagint (Nickel, cobalt, platinum, palladium, selenium, tellurium, copper)
  • Voicecontrol (iron)
  • Abnormal (iron)
  • Sopcheozersk (chrome, dunite, peridotite, gabbro - rock overburden, construction materials)
  • Vuruchuayvench area (Nickel, copper, gold, platinum and platinum group metals)
  • Vuruchuayvench, Winesofchile area (Nickel, copper, platinum, palladium, gold, silver, cobalt, sulfur)
  • Vuruchuayvench, Plast 330 area (Nickel, copper, platinum, palladium, cobalt, sulfur, gold, silver)
  • Vuruchuayvench, Arvarench area (Nickel, copper, platinum, palladium, gold, silver, cobalt, sulfur)
  • Vuruchuayvench (quartzite, fluxes)
  • Riggable, the South-Eastern area (quartzite)
  • Riggable, the North-Eastern section (quartzite, fluxes)


  • Petegorsky (iron)