Roadside service

In terms of the development of the road network and regional tourism of particular importance is the need for the establishment of roadside service. Roadside service includes objects that are geographically located close to interstate highways, regional roads and Federal purposes.


Roadside service









In the Murmansk region is represented by about 100 roadside complexes of both Federal and regional companies. However, the distribution of these complexes is extremely uneven. Currently, there are areas in which roadside complexes is missing. These include the geographically remote settlements: S. Teriberka, Lovozero, S. Ura-Guba.

The development of roadside facilities in geographically remote settlements have a special socio-economic importance. These systems are designed to meet the needs in fuel and maintenance as residents of rural areas and long-distance drivers and groups.


Possible support measures for investors

  • Implementation of projects on creation of roadside services in geographically remote settlements possible with the use of PPPs. To maintain the initiators of the possible option of a partial return of the investment through the cost of the grantor.
  • Investors who are SME businesses can apply for regional support measures in the form of microloans and grants.