The target model facilitation of business

In accordance with the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation following a joint meeting of the Presidium of the State Council of the Russian Federation and the Advisory Commission of the State Council of the Russian Federation, targeted models are being introduced in the regions to simplify business procedures and increase investment attractiveness.

Target model – a set of factors for ensuring a favorable investment climate in priority areas of improving the investment climate, each of which has a target value and indicators for evaluating its achievement.

Currently, the following target models are being implemented in the Murmansk region:

  • Registration of ownership of land plots and real estate objects;
  • Cadastral registration of land plots and real estate objects;
  • Technological connection to electric networks;
  • Connection (technological connection) to heat supply systems, connection (technological connection) to centralized water supply and sanitation systems;
  • Obtaining a construction permit and territorial planning;
  • Support for small and medium-sized businesses;
  • Implementation of control and supervision activities.

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