Aspiring entrepreneurs of the region are invited to take training under the "Step by step" program

Aspiring entrepreneurs of the region are invited to take training under the Step by step program

On August 16, 2022, the 3rd stream of the training course "Step by Step" will start, which is organized by the Center for Entrepreneurship Support of the Murmansk Region together with the regional Ministry of Arctic Development and Economy.

Its goal is to increase the interest of Northerners in commercial activities, create conditions for increasing the number of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), help aspiring businessmen improve their quality indicators, thus strengthening their positions in the market, and take part in municipal and regional grant competitions. The program helps the development of remote settlements by expanding and improving their commercial, social and cultural infrastructure.

Pre-registration is required on the platform, after which the user will have access to testing and watching training videos.

The course will last until September 12. Course participants who successfully pass the test and receive a positive review of the business plan will be issued a certificate for further protection.

The training course is conducted within the framework of the National Project "Small and medium-sized entrepreneurship and support for individual entrepreneurial initiative".

Please note that SMEs must register on the Digital Platform of SMEs and Work of Russia in order to participate.

For more information, please call +7 (815 2) 41-07-44 or visit the website.

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