AZRF resident opened the first restaurant of national cuisine in the city of Monchegorsk

AZRF resident opened the first restaurant of national cuisine in the city of Monchegorsk

The company "YUVG plus" in the status of a resident of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation (AZRF) has opened a restaurant of Georgian cuisine with 110 seats in the city of Monchegorsk, Murmansk region. According to the agreement with the Corporation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic (KRDV), investments in the city's first restaurant of national cuisine amount to 31.7 million rubles.

The opening of the restaurant "Jani Restaurant" attracted the attention of the residents of Monchegorsk not only with national Georgian dishes, but also with a non-classical format of work.


"If usually the work of waiters is limited to greeting visitors, serving dishes and cleaning dishes, then they will tell us about the history of Georgian cuisine, dance or congratulate you on your birthday," he said Pavel Yudkin, Director of the company "YUVG Plus". He added that the restaurant's menu is quite nutritious and varied – it presents various dishes of Georgian cuisine from salads to desserts, as well as drinks.


According to the resident, the first visitors appreciated the taste qualities of shish kebab and kebab, kharcho and badrijani soup, satsivi and dolma with matsoni and, of course, khinkali with fillings from different types of meat, as well as cheese and spinach. For the company in the restaurant, you can order an assortment of kebabs or a large schnitzel (40 cm in diameter), as well as a spatula in dough. A separate pride of the institution is chebureks of such a size that one is enough to feed two people.

The menu also offers various types of khachapuri – kubdari (with meat filling), imeruli and Adjarian. According to one legend, they were baked in the form of a boat by Georgian women for their husbands who went to sea. According to another story, such khachapuri were treated to sailors who returned to shore from a long voyage.


"Since our restaurant operates under a franchise, our chefs were trained to cook Georgian cuisine by masters who were trained in Georgia," says Pavel Yudkin.


According to him, the example of other cities showed that Georgian cuisine is very relevant and in demand by people, that's why it was decided to open a franchise restaurant of national cuisine in Monchegorsk, which has already proven itself well in Nizhny Novgorod.

To implement the investment project, the company "YUVG Plus" took advantage of the preferences provided to residents of the Russian Arctic, including the right to tax benefits and reimbursement of insurance premiums for new jobs.

According to the agreement with the KRDV, the volume of investments in the implementation of the project is 31.7 million rubles. Most of the funds were spent on decorating the restaurant premises, buying furniture, as well as technological, sound and lighting equipment. The appearance of the restaurant gave employment opportunities to 39 citizens. The Jani Restaurant Square is designed for 110 visitors. As Pavel Yudkin noted, there were no free tables in it not only on the opening day, but also on test launches.


"One of the results of the state's work to create comfortable conditions for doing business in the Arctic zone of Russia, the creation of the largest preferential regime in the world in this territory has been that more than 100 new enterprises have already been put into operation. Businesses are being created in different directions, catering is one of the most popular niches, new restaurants, cafes, pizzerias are popular with residents of the Russian Arctic and tourists and are not empty either in summer or winter. Any entrepreneur, having invested from 1 million rubles, can open his own profitable business, using tax benefits and administrative preferences," said the deputy director of the Department of support for the implementation of investment projects of the KRDV Vladimir Gudkov.


In total, according to the KRDV, 580 agreements on investment activities in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation have been signed. Residents actually invested 77 billion rubles in projects, created over 6.5 thousand jobs. For businesses, taxes on property, land and profits have been reset for 5 years, subsidizing 75% of the volume of insurance premiums for newly created jobs has been in effect for 10 years, opportunities for obtaining land and applying the procedure of a free customs zone are provided. KRDV accompanies the activities of residents from packaging to the launch of the project, supports in operational activities, provides services and provides useful services. More detailed information on the Russian Arctic is available on the Arctic-Russia website.


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