Reconstruction of berth No. 2 in the Murmansk Commercial Sea Port in a high degree of readiness

Reconstruction of berth No. 2 in the Murmansk Commercial Sea Port in a high degree of readiness

Today, Governor Andrey Chibis made a working visit to the production areas of Murmansk Commercial Sea Port JSC. The executive director of the company Alexey Rykovanov presented to the head of the region the progress of the reconstruction of berth No. 2 and the development of the infrastructure of the First Cargo Area. The project is included in the federal project "Seaports of Russia" of the Comprehensive Plan for Modernization and Expansion of the trunk Infrastructure for the period up to 2024, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation. Its goal is to increase the cargo turnover of the berth. The structure is in a high degree of readiness. 
The head of the region noted that the implementation of the project will give a serious increase in the loading of the port. 

"It is important that the restrictions imposed do not affect the development of our economy, the implementation of investment projects, or do not affect the way our former Western partners would like. We recently visited the port of Lavna, where construction is going according to plan and has already passed the equator. Today we see that work is going on in the commercial port on time, the necessary engineering and technical solutions have been found. The pier is becoming a modern structure and will work this year," Andrey Chibis stressed. – The volume of investments is 3.6 billion rubles. The project will give a serious increase in the port load. After the reconstruction, the cargo turnover of the berth will increase to 5 million tons, and the total port will exceed 20 million tons. This will increase revenues and the volume of tax deductions to Murmansk. This benefits both the state as the owner of the port, and the commercial port as an operator, and the municipality, the region by increasing the tax return on these investments."  

The Executive Director of the MMTP noted that the first pier that existed on this site was built in 1916, in 1962 it was reconstructed. Today, the port workers are actually creating a new facility. Construction work has been going on for more than a year, before that, preparations for the implementation of the project were carried out. The reconstruction is planned to be completed by mid-2023.   

"At the time of the start of work, berth No. 2 had not been in operation for about 10 years, as it did not meet the standards required for such structures. During the reconstruction, we have improved its technical characteristics, the design depth will increase to 12.35 m. Increasing the length of the mooring line to 284 m, taking into account the mooring bollard, will allow loading Panamax-class vessels up to 229 m long and with a deadweight of up to 82 thousand tons. All necessary equipment has been purchased and installed, trial operation has begun. Also, within the framework of the project, we are modernizing the infrastructure – we are making a complete replacement of engineering communications, increasing the capacity of transformer substations, replacing power supply and communication engineering networks. A stationary irrigation system has already been installed and is in operation, which operates year-round. It is assumed that the first loading at the renovated berth will take place in the second quarter of this year, it will be a landmark event," Alexey Rykovanov said. – From the point of view of ecology, it is important to note that a storm sewer system has been installed, which will take 100% of the volume of runoff from the production site and send it to the treatment facilities."

/ Ministry of Information Policy of the Murmansk Region /