Training programs of MSP Corporation


Newbie and operating entrepreneurs, prospective entrepreneurs, who are committed starting their own business (including unemployed persons, women, students, retired military personnel, persons under 30 years old, operating entrepreneurs).


The program «Alphabet for Entrepreneurs» is aimed at the training of prospective and newbie entrepreneurs in the development of a business plan for further implementation of the business project developed and launching a new business (program duration: 32 hours).

To find the most appropriate business idea, the Corporation developed the module «Generation of Business Ideas».

The program «Entrepreneurship School» is aimed at the training of operating entrepreneurs, who wish to develop, grow or re-purpose their business (program duration: 32 hours).

In addition to the training programs, a set of modules is implemented — these are separate publications in various business areas and existing instruments of support for SMBEs:

  • Training course «Financial Support»
  • Training course «Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship and Taxation System»
  • Training course «Inspections of SMB Entities»
  • Training course «Participation in Government Procurement»
  • Training course «Enhancement of Labour Efficiency by SMB Entities/Lean Production»


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