Regional program «Step by step»


The program is dedicated to those who want to do own business but do not know how to begin.

Within the framework of the program, a business plan, taxation system and marketing strategy of own business are drafted. As a part of the program «Step by step», training courses «Newbie Entrepreneur» are held in various municipal entities of the Murmansk Region. The training is charge-free. The training consists of several stages: a block of video lessons in your personal account on the website шагзашагом and an in-person class with a business expert. Topics of video lessons are as follows: principles of marketing, tax regimes, accounting, legal aspects of entrepreneurship. The in-person class deals with the principles of business planning.

The certificate of successful completion of training and preliminary defence of the business idea provides access to the regional grants competition. A winner of the competition receives a grant in the amount of 500,000 roubles for the development of his/her own business.

The program duration is 16 hours

Support recipients

Newbie entrepreneurs carrying out business activities in the Murmansk Region less than one (1) year and those, who are committed starting their own business.