AZRF resident to build an all-season campsite for guests of a ski resort in the Murmansk region

AZRF resident to build an all-season campsite for guests of a ski resort in the Murmansk region

A new resident of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation (AZRF), the Eco-Gas company will build a tourist base between Apatity and Kirovsky in the Murmansk region. According to the agreement with the Corporation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic (KRDV), the volume of investments in the project will amount to more than 10 million rubles, the launch is scheduled for 2026.  

The AZRF resident plans to build ten capital houses equipped with everything necessary for guests' accommodation, a sauna and an administrative building.  

According to Vasily Eliseenko, CEO of Eco-Gas LLC, the project was born as a response to the Murmansk Region's need for new accommodation amid growing demand from tourists.  

"We were visited last year by 300, and this year already 400 thousand tourists. There are not enough places to accommodate guests, so we decided to help the region and build additional facilities," said the head of the resident company. – Our region is becoming more and more "sharpened" for skiing. We hold sports events, including the Cup of Russia in alpine skiing – both youth and adult; they want to hold the national championship in ski racing, the junior championship has been held for a long time. Traditional tourism also plays an important role – hiking in the mountains, taiga."  

The new campsite will receive guests of ski resorts located in the neighboring city of Kirovsk in winter, and tourists going hiking in the Khibiny in summer.  

"We plan to build playgrounds for sports in the summer, make a treadmill around the complex, put exercise equipment," Yeliseenko added. 

The choice of a site for the construction of a new hospitality facility fell on the site of demolished emergency housing, where the builders of the city of Apatity used to live. The convenient location and proximity to urban communications will allow the AZRF resident to create all the necessary conditions for guests. From the border of the city of Apatity to the camp site is just over a kilometer, and to Kirovsk is about 10 kilometers. This allows you to carry out all necessary communications and provide guests with comfortable access to the resort.  

According to the KRDV, 775 residents of the Russian Arctic are currently investing in the territories of the Russian Arctic with projects worth 872 billion rubles and plans to create 26.9 thousand jobs. In fact, business has invested more than 148 billion rubles in the Arctic economy and created almost 10 thousand new jobs. 

The Murmansk Region is one of the leaders among the polar regions in terms of the number of projects that have received preferential status. This is a 75% subsidy of insurance premiums for 10 years, zero property and land tax and a 50% tax deduction for MET. There is also a preferential rate for STS (income) – 1% and STS (income minus expenses) – 5%. A resident of the Russian Arctic has the right to receive a land plot in state or municipal ownership without bidding. Moreover, in its regard, state and environmental expertise of design and estimate documentation are carried out simultaneously, which has a positive effect on compliance with the deadlines for the implementation of investment projects by residents.  


/ Ministry of Information Policy of the Murmansk Region according to the Corporation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic /