Governor Andrey Chibis reported to the President on the progress of strategic projects in the Murmansk Region, which are important for the whole of Russia

Governor Andrey Chibis reported to the President on the progress of strategic projects in the Murmansk Region, which are important for the whole of Russia

Several major infrastructure projects that are strategically important for Russia are being successfully implemented in the Murmansk Region. This was emphasized by Governor Andrey Chibis during today's report to President Vladimir Putin. The meeting was held in the VKS mode.

The governor named the Murmansk transport hub as one of the first.

"Thank you so much for your support, thanks to your financing decisions, last year we completed a new railway. It is almost 50 km to the western shore of the Kola Bay. In December 2023, at the congress of railway workers, you launched the workers' movement along this road. The construction of the new Lavna port is in an active stage. We are also starting the practical implementation of the project for the construction of a multimodal port with Belarusian partners in accordance with your instructions," the governor listed.  Andrey Chibis also invited the President to the launch of the new Lavna port in August this year.  

During the report, the governor appealed to the president with a request to include in the national Transport project being formed for the period from 2025 to 2030 and the investment program for the development of railways being formed measures to increase the carrying capacity of approaches to the port of Murmansk.  

"We have been working on this issue with the Ministry of Transport, with the Russian Government on your instructions. This is necessary because now the capacity of the railways at the end of this year will be 45 million tons. And taking into account those projects that are in the works and those projects that we are launching, the carrying capacity that we need by the thirtieth year is 110 million tons. We ask for your support so that this instruction is in place, and the Government and I have already finalized all the necessary solutions to ensure long–term transportation capacity by rail to these strategic points," the head of the region noted.

Andrey Chibis thanked Vladimir Putin for his support and making a historic decision on the gasification of the Murmansk Region, as a result, a main gas pipeline from Volkhov to Murmansk with a length of more than 1,300 km will be built. The Governor noted that one of the important issues is setting the price per cubic meter of gas for consumers close to the level of the Russian average.

"We have an agreement under which we are currently working out the gasification program in detail, and we also plan to fix this year where which pipe goes from the gas pipeline. But the main issue that is currently being resolved is the final price of gas, which is determined by the antimonopoly service. It is fundamentally important to fix it directly so that it is plus or minus the average Russian one, then investors, including PhosAgro and Eurochem companies, will understandably consider investment projects for the construction of factories. And most importantly, it will be clear to us how much heat will cost for the population in order to optimize the payments of our people. Because they significantly hit the pocket, of course. I would also ask for your support here," Andrei Chibis addressed the President.

Among the most important strategic projects, the head of the Murmansk region noted the development of lithium deposits.

"Exploration work has been carried out at the lithium deposit, according to their results, our country can enter the top three leaders in lithium reserves. The volume of reserves on the Kola Peninsula turned out to be even larger than expected. In order to implement these projects, we need infrastructure: power grids, roads. We discussed this at Yuri Petrovich Trutnev's meeting. Work is underway now, this is another such global growth point for us, strategically for the whole country," the governor said.

Speaking about the details of the implementation of the joint project with Belarus, the governor noted that a number of issues have already been worked out. "After selecting and inspecting all land plots, the territory has already been determined, colleagues have registered a legal entity in the Murmansk region, and we are already preparing for practical implementation. Our colleagues will be here again next week, we are discussing a whole set of nuances," Andrei Chibis said.

/ Ministry of Information Policy of the Murmansk Region / 

Photo: Office of the Press Service and Information of the President.