In the investment portfolio of the Murmansk region – 265 projects with investments of 1.1 trillion rubles

In the investment portfolio of the Murmansk region – 265 projects with investments of 1.1 trillion rubles

Key investment projects in the Murmansk Region continue to be successfully implemented despite the unprecedented sanctions pressure of unfriendly countries against the Russian economy. This was stated by the head of the region Andrey Chibis during a visiting meeting of the regional government in Apatity. 

According to the governor, today there are 265 projects in the region's portfolio with investments of 1.1 trillion rubles until 2032 and the creation of over 40 thousand jobs. Taxes for 10 years will amount to more than 440 billion rubles to budgets of all levels. These are taxes of projects that will be directed to the social infrastructure of our region. 


"Large, anchor projects provide economic growth and the perspective that is necessary for economic life in the region to move forward. One of the key projects that we have been fighting for since 2019 is the comprehensive development of the Murmansk transport hub. Today it is a strategic project for the country: The MTU will become a key branch providing a cargo base for the Northern Sea Route. The Murmansk transport hub development project was supported by President Vladimir Putin, we have already received a positive expert opinion and the federal budget of the country, which is being considered in the State Duma, has funds for its financing. We expect that construction will continue in 2023 and the western shore of the Kola Bay will be provided with a railway connection. This is a serious boost to the development of port facilities on the west bank: one of the anchor projects of the MTU – the port of Lavna – is already half built: 52%," Andrei Chibis stressed. 


 Another landmark object – the Center for the construction of large–scale offshore structures of Novatek with investments of 200 billion rubles - is in the final stage of implementation. The offshore LNG transshipment complex is also in a high degree of readiness. 

Among the new investment projects were named the mineral fertilizers terminal with a capacity of up to 7 million tons per year, the construction of which the government of the region agreed with the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko; the reconstruction of Murmansk Airport from the point of view of infrastructure, for which federal budget funds were allocated; the launch of the Kola wind power plant, the construction of which has already been completed and commissioning is underway. 


"I will also note the pre-project work on the creation of the gas pipeline that Gazprom is conducting: the project was supported by President Vladimir Putin and we are actually moving into the practical plane to specific calculations. This is a strategically important project for the economy of the region and for the Northerners," the governor commented. – I would like to note that our industrial partners continue to invest in the modernization of production facilities. Apatit JSC, PhosAgro, Kovdorsky GOK, and Oleniy Ruchey GOK have planned investments totaling almost 300 billion rubles. All investment plans have been confirmed, projects are being implemented."  

The Murmansk region remains the leader in the number of residents of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation: these are 178 projects, which together with the territory of advanced development "Capital of the Arctic" have already created over 4.5 thousand jobs and actually invested 150 billion rubles in projects.  


"We, as the Government of the Murmansk region, accompany and look for all opportunities, work out with the federal government and departments so that both large investors and small and medium-sized entrepreneurs are interested in investing in our region. Create jobs here, pay taxes, which we will direct to the development of the region, social infrastructure. Strengthening the economy both in the pandemic and now, with the restructuring of logistics chains and the search for new partners for tasks, remains our main goal. In terms of creating an investment climate, we are on the 16th place in the national ranking. These indicators on investments and SME development indicate that we are moving in the right direction," Andrei Chibis stressed.  


Deputy Governor Olga Kuznetsova spoke in detail about the projects.


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