Lithium mining and the Northern Sea Route are priorities for the Murmansk Region

Lithium mining and the Northern Sea Route are priorities for the Murmansk Region

Today, as part of a working trip to Moscow, the Governor of the Murmansk Region, Andrey Chibis, took part in a seminar-meeting on the preparation of a meeting of the Presidium of the State Council "On the development of industry under sanctions pressure." The event was also attended by heads of other regions, specialists of the federal government.

Andrey Chibis is a member of the working group that is working on the topic of logistics and exports.

"This is one of the key priorities for the Murmansk Region. Murmansk is the base port for the development of the Northern Sea Route. Everything related to the development of export supplies through this artery is important for us. We are actively completing the construction of the Lavna port, which will give a new cargo turnover for the region and the whole country. Also, with the support of the President of Russia, a project is being implemented to create a Murmansk transport hub, and we plan to launch a working movement by the end of this year. I hope that the decisions worked out today at the group will be included in the final list of the meeting of the Presidium of the State Council tomorrow. For the Murmansk Region, everything related to the development of industry and exports, taking into account our logistics capabilities, is of great importance," Andrei Chibis said.

Another project outlined by the head of the region is lithium mining.

"The Russian economy cannot exist without it. In January 2023, we started implementing this powerful, large-scale project. Therefore, the State Council is fundamentally important for us, taking into account the decisions that can be additionally achieved. I would like to note that the federal government provides maximum support to our region and the Arctic. We manage to implement important projects that will develop both the Murmansk Region and the whole country for many decades to come. There are more than 265 projects in the region's investment portfolio, in which they plan to invest more than 1 trillion rubles in the next 10 years. And the projects for the construction of floating gas liquefaction plants are a real leap forward, including thanks to the unique tax benefits operating in the Murmansk Region," Andrei Chibis stressed.

/ Ministry of Information Policy of the Murmansk Region /

Photo: Vladimir Andreev (C) URA.RU