The region continues to have a good dynamics of development of the business community

The region continues to have a good dynamics of development of the business community

The Day before, Entrepreneurship Day was celebrated in Russia. During the operational meeting, Governor Andrey Chibis said that the Murmansk region maintains good dynamics of the development of the business community.   

"Our entrepreneurs are proactive, responsible, and certainly determined, because doing business in the Far North, especially in small and medium–sized businesses, is not an easy task. And today we see the dynamics of SME development, including due to the investment climate that has been created," the governor said.   

The head of the region recalled that taxes for small and medium-sized businesses have been radically reduced in the Murmansk Region since 2020.   

"Almost 6 times. The low tax rate remains to this day. In addition to other support measures, grants, a governor's start, and so on. There is a set of 51 measures of support for small and medium–sized businesses, and they give the appropriate effect," Andrei Chibis stressed.   

The governor also noted that according to the results of last year, 26 thousand business entities were registered in the Murmansk region, more than 28 thousand self-employed, and in total more than 105 thousand people work in the field of small and medium-sized businesses.   

"It's a huge number. That is, this area has become a very large employer for our region, and this is fundamentally important. Today our region is an absolute leader in the number of residents of the Arctic zone and in actual investments. This is another basis for the economic stability of our federal subject. I thank our entrepreneurs for such an active position, for partnership, and willingness to dialogue. This applies to both large businesses and SMEs. I wish you to be successful, always find a solution, do everything that is necessary and achieve success," the head of the region addressed the entrepreneurs and said that he would hold a meeting with them in the near future, where additional issues, initiatives and proposals would be discussed in detail. 


/ Ministry of Information Policy of the Murmansk Region /