The results of the Governor's Startup program in 2022 have been summed up

The results of the Governors Startup program in 2022 have been summed up

The results of the support measures for entrepreneurs and agricultural producers implemented last year as part of the anti–crisis plan and the strategic development plan "To live in the North" were summed up today at an operational meeting of the Government of the Murmansk region. Governor Andrey Chibis noted that the volume of commercial cultivation of aquaculture facilities increased by 18.7% and amounted to more than 85 thousand tons; within the framework of the social project "Our Fish", more than 300 tons of fish products were sold in stationary and field format.  

"We supported this industry and allocated a total of more than 875 million rubles from the regional budget for the work of producers under sanctions, another 94.6 million rubles were allocated from the federal budget. The total amount of support amounted to 970.4 million rubles," the head of the region stressed.

The head of the Minister of Natural Resources, Ecology and Fisheries of the Murmansk Region, Zinaida Sereda, told more about the support measures.  

Summing up the results of the implemented measures to support entrepreneurs within the framework of the work of the regional government, Governor Andrey Chibis noted that 55 projects were supported under the "Governor's Startup" program for a total of almost 60 million rubles; 20 grants were allocated to young and social entrepreneurs in the amount of 20 million rubles; support was provided to industrial facilities in the form of loans for 50 million rubles In addition, 381 microloans were issued for a total amount of 638 million rubles.   

"During the period of the high key rate, we have maintained the available interest on microloans of the Small and Medium-sized Entrepreneurship Development Fund of the Murmansk Region, introduced loans to replenish working capital, which helped many small and medium-sized businesses to keep business. We see the effect of these measures on the number of small and medium–sized businesses in the region, on the number of people employed in this segment of the economy," commented Andrey Chibis.  

Vice-Governor Olga Kuznetsova told more about the implemented measures to support entrepreneurs.

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