Provision of guarantees for SMBE’s obligations arising from credit agreements and bank guarantee agreements


— the aggregate amount of guarantees per one Borrower is up to twenty-two million roubles (RUB22,000,000);

— term of the guarantee - up to seven (7) years;

— amount to be charged for guarantees under Credit Agreements is 0.5 to 1.5% depending on the loan term.

When a guarantee agreement under Credit Agreements with the participation of the Corporation and SMP Bank is concluded, the amount of remuneration is 0.75% per annum.

The amount of the guarantee fee under Bank Guarantee Agreements is 1% per annum.

The remuneration for the guarantee provided is determined by the multiplication of the amount (sum) of the guarantee provided by the remuneration rate in per cent per annum and the expected number of days of using the guarantee divided by the actual number of calendar days per year (365 or 366 days, respectively). The amount of the guarantee includes VAT.

To obtain the guarantee, you shall file a loan application with any of the partner banks. The bank makes its own decision on the engagement of the Fund as a guarantor.