142 billion rubles were invested in the development of industry in the Murmansk region over the year

142 billion rubles were invested in the development of industry in the Murmansk region over the year

Last year, about 142 billion rubles of investments were invested in the development of industries, more than half of them in manufacturing. Olga Kuznetsova, Deputy Governor of the Murmansk Region, announced this and other support measures for the region's industry at an operational meeting today.

In the Murmansk Region, 1,545 SMEs engaged in industrial activities have been registered.

For entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized businesses, there is a preferential rate on the USN.

In addition, regional state support for investment activities in the form of tax benefits can be provided. Thanks to this support, a number of major priority and strategic investment projects have already been implemented in the region by large industrial enterprises. Among them are the creation of a complex for the enrichment of apatite–staffelite ores and the modernization of the production facilities of JSC Kovdorsky GOK, the reconstruction of ANOF-3 of JSC Apatit with an increase in the production capacity of apatite concentrate to 7.7 million tons per year and nepheline concentrate to 1.3 million tons per year, the modernization of the production facilities of JSC Olkon, as well as the program of reconfiguration of the production of JSC "Kola MMC".

Another serious instrument for supporting investment activity used in the Murmansk Region is the agreement on the protection and promotion of investments. It has already been signed with three industrial organizations in the region.

There are two preferential regimes in the Murmansk Region. The borders of the TOP "Capital of the Arctic" include the largest investment projects in the region and work is being carried out on an ongoing basis to expand the borders of the TOP and attract new investors. And also on the entire territory of the Murmansk region there is a preferential regime of the Russian Arctic. To date, the Murmansk region remains the leader in the number of residents of the Russian Arctic.

"Projects for the development of lithium deposits in the Murmansk Region will be extremely important for the whole country, which will become an important link in ensuring the technological sovereignty of the country. To date, competitive procedures have already been completed for two projects. And, of course, one of the most important stages of the development of industry in the region can be considered the decision on the gasification of the region," Olga Kuznetsova stressed.

Also an important area of development is the participation of enterprises in the region in the national project "Labor Productivity". One of the opportunities for the participants is the program of the Industrial Development Fund for concessional lending. The loan amount is from 50 to 300 million rubles, at 1% per annum, for up to 5 years. To date, 9 organizations have already implemented projects to increase labor productivity with the support of federal and regional competence centers.

"The mechanism of investment tax deduction for corporate income tax has been launched. The first recipient of this support measure was the Kovdorsky Mining and Processing Plant with an investment volume exceeding 100 billion rubles. Companies participating in the NP "Labor Productivity" can also take advantage of a support measure in the form of an investment tax deduction for corporate income tax," the deputy governor said.

As part of the anti-crisis measures, the Industrial Development Fund was supported in the form of grants to industrial enterprises to compensate for part of the costs of paying interest on credit agreements concluded by industrial entities with credit organizations, as well as in the form of loans to industrial enterprises.

During the interaction initiated by the region with Trade Missions of the Russian Federation in 31 countries not included in the unfriendly list, interaction with Trade Missions of 20 countries was established. In 2023, it is planned to expand the geography of cooperation with partners from the BRICS and SCO countries.

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