A special Business for Business service has been launched on the investment portal of the Murmansk Region: entrepreneurs will be able to offer goods and services to residents of the AZ of the Russian Federation and the ADZ

In addition to finding operational solutions to support business, the region continues to improve infrastructure and assistance mechanisms.  During today's meeting of the Regional Headquarters for Ensuring the Sustainability of the Economy, Governor Andrey Chibis said that a special service "Business for Business" has been launched on the investment portal of the Murmansk region.

"Here our entrepreneurs and enterprises will be able to offer their services to residents of the territory of advanced development "Capital of the Arctic", the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. This is an excellent tool for finding partners and solutions for the implementation of projects, establishing communications and effective interaction, the opportunity to offer their products, including to large companies, to our residents. I encourage you to actively use a useful service. I thank the team for the implementation of the product, a high–quality and convenient format," the head of the region stressed and expressed confidence that the tool will be in demand in the business community. 

The service was developed by the Regional Development Corporation on behalf of Governor Andrey Chibis. It is available in the section "Support measures" on the Investment Portal of the Murmansk region at the link. The service's tools will help you find partners, suppliers and contractors in the region. 

According to the developers of the service, in order to declare their needs, a resident sends an application by filling out a special electronic form "Send needs", which will be processed and published in the register on the Investment Portal. Representatives of small and medium-sized businesses will also be able to declare their opportunities that they can offer to residents of the AZ of the Russian Federation and the ADZ implementing projects in the Murmansk region. To do this, you need to send an application via the electronic form "Become a supplier" with information about your capabilities and services.

As part of the agenda of the meeting, the participants also discussed the implementation of federal support measures, the implementation of measures to support small and medium-sized businesses, monitoring food prices and vital goods, as well as monitoring the situation at enterprises in the region.

/ Ministry of Information Policy of the Murmansk Region /