Andrey Chibis held a meeting of the Coordinating council for the integrated development of the Murmansk transport hub

Andrey Chibis held a meeting of the Coordinating council for the integrated development of the Murmansk transport hub

Today, a meeting of the coordinating council for the implementation of the project "Integrated Development of the Murmansk Transport Hub" was held on the territory of the Lavna seaport under the leadership of Governor Andrey Chibis. The purpose is to discuss the current status of the implementation of the object, the execution of works on the construction of the railway line art. The day off is Lavna station and the development of the Volkhovstroy – Murmansk section.

"The Murmansk transport hub is in the active stage of creation thanks to the support of the President of Russia, the Federal government, as well as all our colleagues. Railways, electricity and water supply turn the western shore of the Kola Bay into a major logistics hub. Taking into account such infrastructure, we see prospects for the development of cargo transportation. I am sure that our deep–water, ice-free port, which is the start of the Northern Sea Route, will allow us to develop the economy not only of the region, but also of the whole country," Andrei Chibis stressed.

Oleg Belozerov, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of Russian Railways, noted that logistics flows have changed over the past year: a significant part of the cargo, which was previously exported in the western direction, turned to the east. According to him, the company is actively working to expand the Eastern polygon, but you need to understand that its possibilities are not unlimited.

"Last year, about 20 million tons were transported by rail to the port of Murmansk. But it is necessary to significantly increase the volume of traffic in this direction, since the eastern one will not cope with such a flow. Let me remind you that the President of Russia has set a task to ensure the working movement in the new port of Lavna this year," said the General Director — Chairman of the Management Board of Russian Railways.

Oleg Belozerov noted that Russian Railways is involved in two components of the project. Reconstruction of the line from Volkhovstroy to Murmansk continues. In addition, it is necessary to create a branch to the port "Lavna". Now the volume of work performed is 55 percent. The labor movement will be launched in December.

"In 2021, STLC restructured the Lavna port project and intensified construction work. The launch of the deep-water port will open up new opportunities for the export of goods in the western and south-eastern directions. To date, the construction readiness of the facility is 57%. We have increased the number of specialists and equipment that are involved on the site. The work is carried out according to the schedule. As planned, coal shipments for export will begin in 2024. As part of the first stage, the cargo turnover will reach 18 million tons," concluded Evgeny Dietrich, General Director of GTLK.

Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Vasily Tens noted that funding has been fully secured for today, the state customer Rostransmodernization signed a contract with Russian Railways in December for 36 billion rubles.

"Our task is to identify and implement the priority works that are necessary for the actual launch of the labor movement in December 2023. And to direct all forces to it. The entire facility should be put into operation by the end of 2024," said Vasily Tens, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation.

In addition, the participants of the meeting checked the progress of work on the sites. At the moment: the vertical layout of the territory has been completed, the construction of temporary buildings and structures has been completed, the Lavna substation has been put into operation. Construction works are underway on all main sections – the sea cargo front, the railway cargo front, the warehouse zone and the administrative and economic, dredging of the water area and water approaches. The facility employs about 1.3 thousand personnel and 226 units of construction equipment.

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