Governor Andrey Chibis congratulated the Northerners on Russia Day

Governor Andrey Chibis congratulated the Northerners on Russia Day

In the Murmansk region, as well as in the whole country, Russia Day is celebrated today. The Northerners were congratulated by Governor Andrey Chibis.

"Russia Day is a holiday that unites all of us, people who sincerely love their homeland — a country with a great history, a powerful potential and a future that we are creating right here and now," the head of the region addressed the northerners.

Andrey Chibis stressed that many generations of residents of the Murmansk Region have made a huge contribution to the development of Russia.

"The conquerors of the Arctic, builders, engineers, workers of various industries did everything to ensure that the Kola Arctic, and with it our country, actively developed. It is important that today, the current generation is already developing our Murmansk region, making a huge contribution to the development of the whole country. New production facilities, ports, infrastructure — everything that appears, laying the potential for our development for a decade.  Our defenders, soldiers of the Northern Fleet, mobilized citizens defend the interests of our country within the framework of a special military operation, demonstrating courage and heroism worthy of the generation of the Winners of the Great Patriotic War. We should all clearly understand that what our country will be like, what its future will be, depends on each of us today," the governor stressed.

Andrey Chibis thanked the residents of the Murmansk region for the contribution they make to the development of the region.

"Dear friends, I congratulate you on the holiday! Happy the Day of our great Russia! Thank you for your work and creativity. I am sure that together we will make our country even stronger and more powerful. Happy holidays to you, dear friends! Happy Russia Day!" said the head of the region.

/ Ministry of Information Policy of the Murmansk Region /