Governor Andrey Chibis took part in the strategic session

Governor Andrey Chibis took part in the strategic session

The strategic session "Implementation of infrastructure projects of the Northern Sea Route under sanctions pressure" started today in Murmansk. For two days, representatives of the country's largest companies and enterprises operating in the Arctic regions will share their experience and discuss key areas for further development.

"It is a great honor for us that the topic of the development of the Northern Sea Route and the Arctic is being discussed in Murmansk. This topic is a priority for our country, it is supported by the head of state and the leadership of the Government of the Russian Federation. Yesterday, at a meeting of the State Council, it was announced the creation of a special working group that will be responsible for the development of transport logistics and socio-economic development of the subjects of the Arctic zone. On behalf of President Vladimir Putin, I had the honor to lead this group. The key task of the group members and our business partners is to form a detailed position on the development of the regions that are located in the Arctic territory, to present it to the State Commission, which is chaired by Yuri Petrovich Trutnev, and to make proposals to the work of the commission within the Security Council, which is headed by Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev. I believe that when adjusting plans and forming development mechanisms, it is necessary to integrate a very clear position of the regions and put it at the forefront in this work. It is taking into account the peculiarities of the Arctic regions that decisions should be made. I invite everyone interested to use this platform for the development of the Northern Sea Route and the Arctic zone," Andrei Chibis said.

Governor Andrey Chibis noted that the Northern Sea Route is the most important logistics artery of our country. And taking into account the external sanctions pressure, its development is a key task.

"Murmansk is the base port for the Northern Sea Route. Companies that operate on our territory are trying to avoid sanctions, in particular those related to logistics and exports, thanks to the Northern Sea Route. Sanctions pressure, on the one hand, hinders, and on the other hand, gives an additional incentive for the development of the maritime logistics artery. We are trying to actively use these new opportunities," said the head of the Kola Arctic. 


Andrey Chibis told the audience about what projects are being implemented in the Murmansk region and what remains to be done.

"The key growth points of the Murmansk Region are taken into account in the Arctic Development Strategy and in the unified Action Plan. These are the development of the Murmansk seaport, the construction of a center for the construction of large-tonnage offshore facilities for the production, storage and shipment of liquefied natural gas, the development of ship repair and coastal bases to ensure navigation in the waters of the Northern Sea Route, the comprehensive development of the Murmansk transport hub, including the construction of the Lavna port. Another major project is the gasification of the region, which is also supported by Vladimir Putin. PJSC Gazprom has already started designing. Most of these projects have already made investment decisions. And this is a significant boost for the development of not only the Murmansk Region, but also all the territories of the Arctic zone and the Northern Sea Route," said Governor Andrey Chibis. 



The organizers of the strategic session are the Association of Organizations of the Nuclear Industry Construction Complex (ASKAO) and the Directorate of the Northern Sea Route of the Rosatom State Corporation. According to Sergey Malinin, the General Director of ASCAO, the main task of the meeting is to consolidate the capabilities of the largest representatives working in the Arctic territories, to acquire new competencies in the development of technologies to solve problems of creating large infrastructure projects in the territories of the Northern Sea Route.


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