PPP Week – 2022: implemented projects improve the lives of Northerners and ensure high rates of economic growth

PPP Week – 2022: implemented projects improve the lives of Northerners and ensure high rates of economic growth

The Governor of the Murmansk region Andrey Chibis took part in the road show "In the north – PPP. What infrastructure projects is the Murmansk Region ready to offer to investors?". In his welcoming speech, the head of the region drew attention to the projects that will be implemented within the framework of public-private partnership (PPP), and those initiatives that already allow for high rates of economic growth in the region.


"In the PPP rating, calculated by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, the region has also significantly improved its position and by the end of 2021 ranks 4th. 93 agreements worth 145 billion rubles have been signed today. These investment projects will improve the quality of life of citizens. Thus, projects to create a hotel on the basis of the property complex of the former Shakhter hotel, the construction of a sports and recreation complex, an aquapark and a manege with a full-size football field in the city will help to provide comfort to northerners and guests of the region. Murmansk, the construction of the cultural and business center "New Murmansk", - the head of the region Andrey Chibis addressed the participants of the road show.


Svetlana Panfilova, General Director of the Murmansk Region Development Corporation JSC, and Artem Kuksa, First Deputy Director of the Development Corporation, told more about each of the projects.

Thus, in order to develop tourism in the region and meet the demand for temporary accommodation facilities on the basis of the former Shakhter Hotel in Murmansk, with the involvement of an investor, it is planned to create a modern hotel with 50 rooms. The preliminary cost of the reconstruction of the facility is 530 million rubles. The Murmansk Region considers leasing with investment obligations as a possible organizational form. In addition, investors are invited to participate in the construction and subsequent operation of the Arctic Water Park.

"The Arctic water park in Murmansk is an urgent and in–demand issue. There is no such market in the capital of the Arctic. We need to take into account agglomeration. The specifics of the migration of people suggests that people are ready to come to the water park for the whole day from all over the region and spend leisure time. Within a radius of 100 km, this figure is about 450 thousand people. This is not only for tourists, but also compensation to our residents for the harsh climate," said Svetlana Panfilova, General Director of the Development Corporation. In total, the Murmansk Region offers investors infrastructure projects worth more than 21 billion rubles.


Among the successfully completed projects, the governor noted the launch of an ecotechnopark in Mesopotamia, the installation of biofuel boilers in Umba, the opening of the Meteor indoor ice arena, the Embrilife family planning center. All initiatives have been implemented within the framework of public-private partnership. In conclusion, the head of the region stressed that effective demand is guaranteed for such projects as aquapark and Novy Murmansk.


"Service and quality services are important to people. Another necessary emphasis is unprecedented tax preferences. So, we have a regime of the territory of advanced development. Its residents are successfully implementing their projects in the Murmansk region. In addition, the region is included in the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation by its entire territory. Another important point is that we have created preferential regimes for small and medium–sized businesses for several years ahead, reducing taxes by six times. All these preferences allow not only to create a new infrastructure, but also to accelerate the payback of any project. I would like to note that the economic growth in the region is connected precisely with the high interest in the region and the existing preferential regimes. I thank everyone who showed interest in our projects today. I hope that next year we will discuss their launch and practical implementation," summed up the Governor Andrey Chibis.


The session participants highly appreciated the work of the region and the investment potential of the proposed projects, and also asked additional questions.


"It is gratifying that the Murmansk Region pays attention to the development of social infrastructure. All the projects were very interesting, and it is clear that the Development Corporation is actively engaged in them and is considering various forms of attracting investment. These are concessions, joint ventures, and a competition. This indicates that a high-quality study is underway," said Kirill Malyutin, Managing Director of the Development and PPP Unit of VEB Infrastructure JSC.