The development of competition

Business in the modern market economy, one way or another, governed by a single state economic policy. One of the key areas of such regulation is to stimulate development of competition and creation of favorable competitive environment. Policy the development of competition is a key determinant of the competitiveness of enterprises and standard of living of citizens and also one of the means to achieving socio-economic development of the country as a whole and separately taken region.

Promoting competition improves economic performance, opens up new possibilities in the field of entrepreneurship reduces the cost characteristics of goods and services in all sectors of the economy, which is important to consumers.


The project team for the implementation of the standard of competition development in the Murmansk region

The Project team
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The minutes of the meetings:

The rating of heads of subjects of the Russian Federation in terms of promoting the development of competition

Monitoring of the competitive environment on the markets of goods, works and services of the Murmansk region

A report on the status and development of the competitive environment on the markets of goods, works and services of the Murmansk region

Report 2017
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Report 2018
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Public control over activity of subjects of natural monopolies

Inter-sectoral consumer Council on the activities of natural monopoly entities under the Governor of the Murmansk region

Information on free reserves of transformer capacity:

Information on the number of applications and concluded contracts for technological connection:

Information on approval of investment programs of natural monopolies:

Tariffs for services of natural monopolies

Agreement on the establishment of conditions for business and investment activities and the development of competition in the territory of the municipality

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Polyarnye Zori
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Pechenga district
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Tersky district
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The Kola district
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ZATO Vidyaevo
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ZATO Zaozersk
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BUT the Island
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ZATO Severomorsk
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Key indicators of development of the competition until 2022